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Unified Cardinals

student with cardinal mascot

Unified Cardinals was established at Webb City Junior High School to promote kindness and inclusion.  Designed to meet the requirements of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools, the program serves all students by providing opportunities for authentic relationships between special education and regular education students.


Unified Cardinals has established a weekly breakfast club, which promotes socialization over food and games.  Also Unified Cardinals students have an opportunity to participate in a unified physical education class.  Students are paired with buddies who partner with them in all class activities.  Finally, Unified Cardinals led WCJH and the WCR7 district by hosting Night of Unity, which saw special education and regular education students team up to play basketball, dance, and cheer in conjunction with a 7th and 8th grade boys basketball game.


The impact of Unified Cardinals at WCJH cannot be overstated.  Many students have reported having friendships for the first time in their lives.  Parents have reached out to share that this year, their child has been changed in a positive way.  Students are more outgoing and kindness is the norm.  Currently, 150 students participate in breakfast club, blurring the lines between established social groups. Unified Cardinals is proof in action that together we are better and when we are unified, we can do great things!