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Student Progress

The individual student provides the best link between the classroom and the parent.  Each of you should meet the responsibility of keeping your parents informed as to your day-to-day progress in school. Your planner is a valuable tool in helping you keep track of assignments and your progress in school. 

Grading System

Grades A, B, C, and D are passing.  "A" indicates exceptionally fine work; "B" represents better than average work; "C" indicates average work: and "D" indicates poor work.  A grade of "F" indicates failure.  The grade given at the end of the semester is a cumulative grade for that semester and is the one, which is recorded on the permanent record of each student.

Grade Cards

Grade cards are issued every nine weeks to notify parents of student progress.  The grade cards are the property of the students and are not to be returned to the school.  A permanent record is kept on each student by the school.  Report cards will not be distributed to students who owe financial obligations.

Grade Checks

Grade checks with missing assignments are sent home with students on Wednesdays of each week.   Additionally, parents may access all student records online.  Instructions and student passwords can be obtained by contacting the office.  

Honor Roll

            The quarterly honor roll gives recognition to students who excel in school work.  To be on the honor roll you must make quarter grades of 'B-' or above in all classes.