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Statement of Goals

           In accordance with our statement of philosophy, we the educators of Webb City R-7 School District, are entrusted with developing and maintaining an educational environment in which each student may:

1.  Display behavior consistent with a level of proficiency in basic skills such as mathematics, reading, and oral and written communication.

2.  Gain knowledge of, and experience in, the American system of government, which emphasizes individual rights, responsibilities, and personal worth.

3.  Display knowledge of the heritage of his country and its institutions.

4.  Develop and display knowledge of each individual’s rights and privileges.

5.  Display behavior consistent with ethical and moral values in their relationships with other persons.

6.  Acquire and display behavior indicating an awareness of and an appreciation for the significance of the family and home environment.

7.  Display good habits of health and recreation, which will carry through life.

8.  Develop and display basic skills that will enable the student to enter directly into a career or to continue the educational process.

9.  Acquire a knowledge of and display behavior consistent with the ability to think clearly and independently in order to make rational decisions.

10.  Show evidence of the knowledge of his/her rights as an individual regardless of their ability or aspirations to an education that is geared to his/her needs.

11.  Develop and display an appreciation for aesthetic qualities to the extent that the student can build aesthetic appreciation into whatever life style they construct for themselves