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School Day Procedures

Hall Passes

            You are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless you are accompanied by a teacher or have a hall pass, which states your exact destination and is signed by an authorized staff member.  You must have a hall pass before you can go to the restroom during class time.

Computer Network and Internet Use Policy

The Webb City Board of Education recognizes that Internet access and other new technologies change the ways that information may be obtained, and that these changes will alter instruction and student learning.  The Board supports access for students to rich information resources. 


Electronic information research skills are now fundamental to preparation of citizens and future employees in the Information Age.  To enhance teaching and learning, electronic resources will be used only:

·       To support the curriculum of school and the state of Missouri.

·       To provide additional opportunities focusing on information retrieval, searching strategies, research and critical thinking skills.

·       To promote life long learning.

Toward these ends, it is important that students are able to access and fully utilize the resources the Internet and other networking technologies offer.  Webb City Public Schools teachers and staff are aware of their responsibility to closely monitor students while they are online.  Each school has filter software in place to help prevent access to inappropriate content.  Improper use of schools computers and computer network may result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary and or legal action.  Improper use of the network includes but is not limited to:

·       Sending or viewing offensive messages or pictures

·       Threatening, harassing, insulting or attacking others

·       Damaging computers or networks

·       Allowing another person to use your password/user ID

·       Willful introduction of “viruses” or other disruptive/destructive programs into the district network

If you do not wish your child to have access to the Internet for school purpose, please notify the school office in writing as soon possible.  If you have questions about the benefits of this program or about the safety measures in place, please contact your building principal.

Corridor Courtesy

You are to keep the hallways open to traffic by walking to the right.  Do not block traffic by standing in groups.  Pass through the hallways quietly and be considerate of others.  Discard trash in the containers provided and keep the school clean by picking up paper in the halls.


            All textbooks and workbooks are loaned to you for your use during the school year.  Reasonable wear is expected as a result of daily use, but the textbooks are to be kept clean and handled carefully.  Fines are charged based on the principal or teacher's judgment for abuse and misuse.  You will be required to pay for any school textbooks or workbooks that you lose or damage.  Partial price list for books are:  new- $50, 1 yr old - $40, used - $25, rebind $10, workbook  $10.

Lockers and Book Bags

            Each of you is assigned a locker for the storage of books and equipment.  Book bags are prohibited in the classroom.  It is your responsibility to see that your locker is kept in good order at all times.  If you choose to use your own lock you will be required to leave a copy of the combination or a duplicate key in the office.  Lockers remain the property of the school and school officials reserve the right to inspect the lockers at any time.  Periodic inspections will be made by the principal to see that the lockers are kept neat and in order.  You are not to tamper with another locker or give your combination to another person. In most cases, you will share a locker with another person.  Boys will share lockers with boys, and girls will share lockers with girls.

Lunch Program

            The Junior High School cafeteria is located in the west end of the building.  The lunch period is closed and students are encouraged to eat a well-balanced hot lunch at school. A bar code on the back of each student’s planner is used to access his/her lunch account. Students who do not have their planner will be required to stand at the end of the line to get lunch.   Students should bring money in an envelope with their name and the amount enclosed on the front to the office to be deposited in their lunch account.  Students may also bring their lunches to school.  However, all eating is to be done in the school cafeteria, and food may not be taken from this area. There is no provision for more than one lunch charge.

   Students may go outside after eating lunch, weather permitting.  Proper conduct during this time is very important to prevent accidents from occurring.  A system of lights will give you direction as to go outside or stay inside following lunch. 

Dress and Personal Appearance

            All aspects of dress and personal appearance are extremely important in developing the best atmosphere for educational attainment.  Students are expected to be well groomed and neatly dressed at all times.  Dress and appearance must not present health or safety hazards, be indecent, disruptive, distracting, or inappropriate for the classroom.  Although final decisions as to the appropriateness of dress and personal appearance is determined by school officials, the following rules serve as guidelines:

1.  Shoes must be worn at all times.   

2.  Shorts are not acceptable. Length of trousers and slacks must fall at least below the calf. 

3.  Head coverings in the building are not acceptable.

4.  Attire must be worn in the manner for which it was designed and must be free of obscene or suggestive markings, advertisements of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, and/or other products deemed inappropriate by school officials.

5.  Halter tops, spaghetti-strapped tops, transparent blouses/shirts, lingerie or lingerie-look outer attire, backless apparel, or items that fail to conform to accepted standards of modesty and good taste are not acceptable. 

6.  All tops must have enough length to extend beyond the waistband of pants/skirts at all times. Sleeveless shirts must have modest armholes.  Girls' tops must have at least 2-inch straps.

7.  Layering of clothing is appropriate if when worn together the combination fulfills the requirements of the dress code.

8.  Dresses and/or skirts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee.

9.  Attire or wearing of attire in a manner that suggests gang association is not acceptable.

10.  Torn or tattered clothing is not acceptable.

11.  Unnatural hair coloring (fuchsia, green, blue, etc.) is not acceptable.