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Office Procedures

Bulletins and Announcements

            A weekly bulletin is distributed to each classroom on Monday morning.  Special notices will be posted outside the office.  The principal must approve signs and posters before they are posted.  They must be fastened by masking tape and placed only in designated areas.


            The office telephone is for school business and you may use it only in cases of emergency with the permission of the secretary or principal.  Generally, you may use the telephone for the following reasons:

•To tell your parents about a change in your arrival home.

•To tell your parents about a book or instrument needed at school.

When you receive a telephone call at school, the number of the person calling will be taken, and you will be notified between classes or at the end of the day.  You are not called from class unless it is an emergency. 

Messages and Deliveries

Messages and deliveries from home should be left in the office.  Generally, you will be called out of class only in an emergency. An announcement at the end of school will indicate if a student has a message in the office.  Gift delivery to students at school is prohibited.  Food delivery services are also not permitted to bring food to students at school.


            Your parents are welcome to visit Webb City Junior High School at any time.  They are advised to go first to the office for student information and to sign in and receive a visitor badge.   We value student safety and this policy helps us to ensure the safety of all students.  Students of school age from other schools are not allowed to visit Webb City Junior High School unless they have previously been enrolled in our school the past school year and have approval from the Principal.  Small children such as little brothers and sisters are not to be brought to school unless accompanied by a parent. Your parents may make appointments for conferences with teachers, the guidance counselor, or the principal by telephoning the Junior High School office.