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The purpose of the guidance services is to help each student in his social, educational, and personal development.  Conferences with students receive first consideration of the counselor's time and are scheduled whenever necessary.  The counselor may assist the student as follows:

            1.  Recommend materials that the student may use to improve his study habits.

            2.  Help plan the student's schedule and school program.

            3.  Offer aid in problems of adjustment.

The counselor also administers the guidance testing program.

Schedule Changes

            You make your course selections for the coming school year during the spring semester.  Your parents and the school guidance counselor must approve your request for classes. After your course selection has been made and approved, it cannot be changed.  Schedules may be changed only at the discretion of the administration, the guidance counselor, or when extenuating circumstances necessitate the need for a change.


            To learn best, adolescents need to feel connected; to feel a sense of personal relationship with the teacher; and to feel known and recognized as individuals.  The Homeroom Program, through its diverse activities, provides an opportunity for students to build connections with other students and their advisor.  Group as well as individual activities, are centered on monthly life skill themes.

Goals of Homeroom

•To help students develop positive relationships through experiences that utilize a group’s dynamics.

•To provide an environment and activities that foster bonding with their homeroom group so that students feel accepted and valued by their teachers and peers.

•To raise student awareness of good citizenship by providing opportunities for meaningful contributions to their school and community.

•To help students cope with any academic concerns

•To improve communication between home and school.