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Cardinal Codes

Safe Environment

Cardinal Code #1:  I will maintain a safe environment for others and myself.

Rationale:  Everyone has a right to be safe in school, public places and home.

I will: Keep my hands to myself; walk; not horse-play; think before I act; use equipment and furniture appropriately; follow guidelines for arriving and leaving school.

Appropriate Conversation

Cardinal Code #2: My words must be appropriate

Rationale: Proper conversation can help prevent misunderstandings, quarrels, and fights.  It helps people to understand each other.

I will: Call people by their names; use normal volume and tone when speaking, listen; wait my turn to speak; use direct eye contact; maintain G-rating; use I messages; refrain from gossiping and making fun of others.

Positive Public Behavior

Cardinal Code #3: I will behave in a manner, which is appropriate for being in public.  I will use manners.

Rationale: In order to be successful at home, school, and work I must know how to behave in public.

I will: be kind to others; respect personal space of others; have good hygiene; use good manners; be considerate of others; dress appropriately.

Classroom Manners

Cardinal Code #4: I will behave in a way that allows the lesson to continue smoothly.

Rationale: I am in school to learn.  I am working on acquiring skills, which will enable me to become a successful person.

I will: speak at appropriate times in an appropriate manner; enter and leave the room quietly; stay on task; sit up; be alert; pay attention; listen; have my supplies; not disrupt class.

Getting Along

Cardinal Code  #5: I will interact positively with staff and peers.

Rationale:    I am working toward understanding others views and becoming more tolerant of those who disagree with me.

I will: stay in control of myself at all times; be honest; be responsible for my behavior; agree to disagree when my ideas are different than others; not argue and shake hands.

Caring for Property

Cardinal Code #6: I will show respect for my property, school property and property of others.

Rationale: In order to live, play and work I must demonstrate respect for my property and the property of others.

I will: respect and care for my property and others property; If I find something that doesn’t belong to me I will return it.  I will keep my locker organized.  I won’t loan my things.  I will take care of my possessions and the possessions of others.