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Attending Webb City Junior High

Requirements for Enrollment

Social Security Number: We will need the child’s social security number.

Immunization Requirements: Missouri State Law states "Students will not be allowed to attend school at all without the proper immunizations or exemptions."  Immunizations are given free at the Jasper County Health Department.  Call (toll-free) 1-417-358-3111 for an appointment.

Proof of Residency: Webb City R-7 School District provides educational service only to those students who are eligible as defined by law.  Proof of residency of the parent or the court appointed legal guardian must be provided.  Proof of residency is determined by the ability to provide a utility bill in the name of the parent or legal guardian or other documentation acceptable to the School District.  All questionable residency issues will be referred to the Superintendent of Schools.

Attendance Policy

            Regular attendance is extremely important. It has been proven many times that good attendance is associated with success in school.  Each student is expected to attend school every day except when illness, injury, doctor’s appointment, or some other condition beyond their control prevents his doing so.  Parents are asked to call the Junior High office if their child is to be absent.  In order to emphasize the importance of regular school attendance, the Board of Education has adopted a policy on absence.

•Excused Absence:  Generally, an absence due to illness, death in the family, or some emergency making absence necessary.  Notification from a parent or guardian on the day of the absence or a note, written and signed by a parent or guardian, stating the illness, emergency, or death of a family member, will be required for an absence to be considered excused.  Absences in excess of 10 days per semester will not be excused without a doctor's note. Permits for doctor or dentist appointments must be signed at the physician's office and time leaving the office noted on the permit, before returning it to the Principal's Office.

•Out of Town Card: When it is necessary for a student to accompany his family on a trip, the absence may be excused if arrangements are made in advance.  Any student going out of town is required to have on file in the office an “Out of Town Notification” card.  All his teachers must sign the out of town card.  Attendance will be taken into consideration in determining if such absences are to be excused.  Forms are available at the Principal’s office.

            •Unexcused Absence:  An absence for any reason other than those designated as excused, or an absence without a written and signed note by a parent or guardian before the absence or within 5 school days after returning to school, or a suspension or truancy

            •Tardiness:  A student will be considered tardy if he is not on time to class.  Students missing 25 minutes or more of the class may be considered absent from the class.  Tardy admits must be secured from the office before going to class. Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action.

•Truancy:  Any absence other than those listed as excused or unexcused.  A student will be considered truant if, after leaving his home for school, he does not attend school, or if he leaves the campus without permission from the office, or if he chooses not to attend a class.

            Students who participate in any type of organized "skip day" will be counted as truant from school and subject to disciplinary action.

            •Permission to Leave:  To obtain permission to leave school during the day, the student must have a parent or guardian write or telephone a request to the Principal's Office stating:  (1) the exact time the student is to be dismissed, (2) the reason for which the student is to leave.  After a student arrives at school, even if before classes begin, the student should not leave school without permission from the office.

            •Suspension:  Students suspended for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to participate in or attend school activities.


Make-Up Work

            When absent, students are expected to make up work missed in each class.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all make-up work from your teachers immediately upon returning to school.  Students will be responsible for making up all work within time limits at the discretion of the teacher.

            In cases of extended illness, assignments may be requested through the Junior High office.  Please allow one day for this material to be compiled.  Assignments can be found on the web at http://www.wccards.k12.mo.us

Withdrawal and Transfer

            The procedure for withdrawing and transferring to another school is as follows:

            1.  Secure a note from your parents authorizing you to withdraw from Webb City Junior High.

            2.  Obtain the appropriate withdrawal form from the office and have the form filled out and checked by all your teachers, return all school books and school property, and make sure that all fees are paid.

            3.  Take completed form to the office for final clearance.

Change of Address

            Inform the office if you change your address or telephone number.  It is important for the school to have your parents' residence and business phone numbers in case of emergency.